Welcome to a magical place for healing

Rennes-les-Bains in the South of France
Partner of Centre Harmonia

Are you  ready to imagine a beautiful earth?

Contact: madewithlove@telenet.be

Enjoy our song 'Listen to our Mother', and while you do, we would like to share some information about Healing Earth with you. 😊

Healing Earth is a project by Garsett Larosse and his partner Fabienne Huygen (featured in the video).
Fabienne is a dance and yoga teacher, a singer-sound healer and painter.
Garsett is a teacher, composer and eco-entrepreneur since 1990. He set up the first ecohouse in Belgium and created TEALcenter. (see www.TEALcenter.org)
With his friends he set up We Go Circular, and Community Innovation.
We also organise the yearly Body & Soul health festivals.
Together with We Go Circular, we are setting up EcoVilla Essen as our Belgian headquarters. 
In Rennes-les-Bains we are setting up the holistic retreat center Chez Zen. 

In short, we have more fun and enriching projects than time, so we are always looking for people to become involved.
- Are you an investor who wants to invest in more centers for regeneration and sustainable stewardship, and  enjoy our time-sharing, TEALcenter and renewable energy projects?
- Are you a handy volunteer, ready  to assist in projects for preventive health care, organic farming, vegetarian cooking, eco education and community development? 

We are happy to hear from you! 

Garsett and Fabienne. 💚💜

PS. More healing songs can be found here