Sharing the Art of Life

So you are considering joining our project(s) and want to know more?
Here is our history and evolving vision.
And some suggestions on how we can 'walk each other home'.

History of 'Healing Earth'

We are a growing international network of people who are interested in 'connected lifestyle'
- connected with Mother Earth, showing respect for nature
- connected with each other, respecting everyone's uniqueness, like true Life Artists  
- connected with our Body and Soul, taking good care of our integrated health and creative expression
We have organised the yearly Body & Soul Festivals in Belgium, and have prepared for working in smaller groups by hosting  around 400 workshops.
We  have developed the Octadome as a place for community innovation, where people can learn and work together in new ways.

Rennes-les-Bains: a healing community at the gate of the French Pyrenees mountains

We enjoy living in the beautiful and healthy natural surrounding of Rennes-les-Bains, with its green hills full of forests, its natural hot springs and impressive mountains. We like to stay there for the holidays, for projects related to self-improvement and relaxation, and some of us live there permanently to co-develop a magical platform through which many people can safely enjoy the fruits of nature and soul culture.
In Rennes-les-Bains we work together with our neighbour Centre Harmonia, that consists of a beautiful community house and various places to stay,
Our retreat-domain Chez Zen on the hill is a yoga, sound, art and dance retreat in the middle of nature, where various groups can enjoy the tranquility and depth of connection that is hard to find these days. It is peacefully quiet, yet in walking distance from the village and the hot springs. 

Values and practice

Most of us are vegetarians or vegans. Many of us already practice some sort of yoga and/or are involved in a form of healing practice. 
We are an eclectic bunch that honour each other's path. Quite a few of us are teachers, therapists, body workers, creative professionals and eco-entrepreneurs.
We especially value the divine feminine that can be found in nature and creativity. 
Our way of cooperating is fairly consensual and based on meritocracy (we value life experience), while also young people are welcome to share their ideas.
We are supportive and inclusive towards the poor and vulnerable, and set up various projects to support them and the environment.
Lifestyle elements that are alienating and/or addictive, like alcohol, cigarettes and drugs are not welcome at Healing Earth.
We come together on a regular basis to celebrate our connection in dance and music, and like to prepare and eat delicious and organic food.

The Healing Earth Federation: let a thousand flowers blossom!

We envision more places like this in an international platform with many partners that cooperate like an ecosystem, with the help of our own financial platform.
Imagine being able to live in the most beautiful, healing places on earth, and working from there using the Internet as connecting platform, trading inside and outside the communities. (See also 
As fellow life artists we support each other in our goals, which makes us resilient and keeps us aware of what's going on in the world, while sending out messages of hope and love. 

The formulas that we want to offer to the world are:
- sabbaticals: people can rent a place for some time to reinvent themselves, deeply relax and/or work out a project. Mentorship is optional. 

- transforming couples: couples can reinvent themselves by doing the deeper energy work and having fun, under optional guidance of a counsellor.

- team building, groups and projects: also groups can feel the need for transformation and decide to come and spend some time in nature and at our Octadome.
A  joint creative project can bring your team together in a wonderful way, that strengthens the activities of your organisation. Various facilitators are at your service.
Trainers can offer their own program using our facilities, provided they are compatible with the Healing Earth values.

- time sharing: some people choose to buy a certain time slot per year. Pricing depends on place and length of stay.

- your tiny eco house on our domain: feel free to explore with us the possibility of a permanent residence, that is maintained and even rented by us, providing you a recurrent income

- your own house or center within the Healing Earth Federation: we can help partners in our Federation to establish their own permanent presence in the Federation, scouting for an appropriate property on a commission basis. We can also help out with eco-building and renovations based on our own experience.
Using our unique building technology we can set up an entire eco village in less than 10 days.  

Financial contributions and investment opportunities

- sabbaticals: stay in your choice of guest space between 14 and 120 € per night (for up to 4 people). Work with a mentor in a custom made program. Mentorship programs vary depending on theme, e.g. learn how to write and record songs, how to do therapeutic massage, how to work with essential oils, etc... 

- transforming couples program: we can provide a fun framework to work with for free. Several counsellors can be asked for guidance and their session rates vary between 25 and 80 €, depending on their input. 

- team building, groups and projects: teams receive a special rate based on the amount of people that join the programs. A typical group of 7 to 15 people stays for one week, with rates of 400 € per person. Groups make their own cooking arrangements. Various options are available, including yoga and art teachers, music support for dance groups etc.

- time sharing: we envision rates between 55 and  90 €/day  in our tiny houses or domes @ Centre Harmonia, or 25 €  for a family tent @ Healing Earth retreat. 

- holiday house on our domain: have a comfortable tiny ecohouse built in natural materials such as  bamboo and keep it at your disposal. Price: from 49.000 € to ? € + a fee for maintenance per year

- your own separate house or center: we take care of everything in return of a small commission. 

The One World Community transactions platform

Investors can now convert their money in our online transactions platform based on our parallel 'virtual' currency.
This enables our projects to be funded and guarantees that you can get your money back after a certain period. 
You can also spend it and/or can become  partner in one of our projects. 
Go to or contact Garsett to learn more.