Investment / cooperation opportunity - confidential

  •  Why we think the Healing Earth project  is your best investment
  • The signs
  • The alliances (ecosystem of partners) 
  • The assets we are co-creating
  • The numbers
  •  Investment and cooperation formulas
  • About returns on investment
  • The time is now

Why we think Healing Earth is your best investment

Imagine the most beautiful and  purest places on earth:; Rennes-les-Bains with its healing sources in France, Arillas with its therapeutic clay beach on the green island of Corfu in Greece, and Pokhara, the chillest place in Nepal, near the Himalays. Wouldn't it be great to have a base there, from where you can connect with nature, stay in contact with the 'civilised world', set up business with local and international alliances, and live in the flow like a true life artist? And perhaps you can even catch a glimpse of Heaven on one of the mountains in those regions...
In a more economic way, we are also creating assets, that will generate recurring income.
And thirdly, as this is mainly a real estate investment, this is also a safe way to make your money work, as real estate always tends to increase its value, even when the financial system breaks down.

The signs

This is not an ordinary venture. We are following the signs in an extraordinary time of transformation. Mother Gaia is waking up, and together with her, human beings are increasing their possibilities, with equally growing responsabilities. . 
Amongst the predictions, given to Garsett (organiser of the Body & Soul integrated health festivals)  in 2016 by medium Lut Van de Velde (Dutch only):
- festivals and large gatherings of crowds wil suddenly stop and be replaced by meetings of small groups
- archives of old wisdom will be re-attached to Earth 
- the mountains (shamballas or Cities of Light) will form the attachment points for these archives, and we will also communicate with water sources
- you will lead alliances to these mountains (high spirits), and together we will form 'sibbes': communities in a new global federation


The alliances (ecosystem of partners)

With a small team of friends, we are visualising and co-creating our common dreams:
Our alliance in the South of France is Centre Harmonia. We also invite you to be part of our ecosystem of mutually empowering partners.
These partners can be health workers and therapists, creative professionals, eco-entrepreneurs, teachers, biofarmers, and many other life artists, together in a Federation structure through which we can cooperate, yet keep our unique strengths and privacy.

The assets we are co-creating

We have bought a small domain of almost 1 ha on a beautiful green hillside, 300 meters from Centre Harmonia.
On it is a small wooden house with a pyramid shaped roof. 
Today it is still a wilderness. We have started to renovate it in a way that we can harmoniously co-house with Mother Nature.
For a yoga and conscious dance retreat-asset, with room for eco gardening and soundhealing, we envision:
- a beautiful cloud shaped balcony 
- a yoga and dance deck
- solar panels and a battery for 8kW electricity supply
- our own well
- an 8m bamboo dome that we will transform into a multifunctional sound dome

- hempcrete compost toilets and showers
- a connecting path that leads to 7 chakra tents of 20 m2  with enough room to host groups up to 15 people (more people can stay at Centre Harmonia)
- butterfly shrubs
- raspberry shrubs
- food forest (we already have apple, pear and cherry trees)
- other permaculture farming elements
- a small geodesic greenhouse
- a small outside kitchen
- bee hives

For indoor workshops we will also have a unique TEALcenter of 166 m2 at Harmonia. (ref.

The numbers

We are basically looking for 88.258 € for the expenses as described below:

The expenses in the right side column have already been made.

Investment and cooperation formulas

Various formulas to finance the 'Healing Earth assets' @ Rennes-les-Bains are possible.
If we want to create this global Federation of Life Artists, then we need a flexible formula for shareholders to come in, grow and enjoy a return, depending on their wishes. 
The current capital, when paid up, will be around 190.000 €.
With 3 additional shareholders of 30.000 € each, the shareholders organisation would consist of 4 shareholders,
e.g. Bart, Nathalie, Chris and myself. 
Since Centre Harmonia is an important alliance, I propose to also make them a shareholder, making this a division as follows:
- Bart (15%)
- Nathalie (15%)
- Chris (15%)
- Centre Harmonia (15%)
- Made with Love Projects vzw (owner of TEALcenter and project leader of Healing Earth) (40%)
Of course, Centre Harmonia would need to offer a compensation for this, e.g. in the form of providing various services (which they already do)

FORMULA 1 - simple
All shareholders could make a gift, or provide a loan to Made with Love Projects vzw. (or a combination of the two)
This way, Made with Love Projects vzw can simply buy the land, do the investments, organise the events, and do all the things that the vzw is allowed to do (basically everything). Since the low official purchase price, and the fact that Made with Love Projects is a not for profit foundation, we don't expect to fall under a high tax rate and it will be easy to stay under the radar.
Currently the Board consists of Fabienne and me, plus a friend, who is inactive and looking to be replaced. 
We would invite all shareholders to become board members.
An agreement would be made that their money is used to set up the Yoga , dance & sound-retreat center in Rennes-Les-Bains.
An agreement would be made that they can stay in Rennes-les-Bains whenever they like, both in Healing Earth, AND at Centre Harmonia (when space is available)
An agreement would be made that as a form of compensation, they can receive an interest and/or co-organise events at Healing Earth, for which they receive a greatly reduced fee

New assets can be created. There are many real estate opportunities in Rennes-les-Bains, that we can co-invest in. Together with Centre Harmonia we first create this low threshold platform for life artists who want to co-house with Mother Nature. After that we explore the many other opportunities, both in Rennes-les-Bains and in other places, to live and work in harmony in a global federation or ecosystem. 

FORMULA 2 - SCI Healing Earth
Claire and Alain of Centre Harmonia have offered  to help us set up an SCI - the French company structure for real estate. 
We could ask the shareholders to purchase the land.
We could make an agreement that Made with Love Projects vzw can rent the land and make improvements there for the next 10 years, for a symbolical fee. 
In this agreement we would stipulate that if we would decide to sell the land after 10 or 15 years (it will only increase in value, regardless of what happens on it), Made with Love Projects vzw would receive 50% of the profits. 

About return on investment

Various types of return of investment can be agreed upon.
There are also many interesting  business ventures. In Nepal we have made friends skilled in building bamboo houses and furniture, companies that produce ayurvedic products that are both very effective and inexpensive. Both opportunities are in line with the integrated health approach that is at our core.

The time is now

Transformation is in the air and we all feel it.
Help us to germinate the seeds that have already been planted and let's benefit from the fruits together. 

Garsett Larosse
Made with Love Projects vzw
Theophiel Roucourtstraat 9

2600 Berchem

BE60 7350 3742 1170