Membership of Healing Earth

You too can become a member  of the Healing Earth community  and receive some of the following benefits:

  • up to date news of the Healing Earth community through  our  newsletter listing our activities
  • inside info on housing opportunities
  • first announcements of our workshops and wellness programs
  • discounts on Healing Earth products and services
    • Yoga sessions (also online)
    • Lotus Temple activities: Shiva-Shakti dance, Mantra Circles, various workshops
    • Leela, the ancient game of (self)Knowledge (also online)

Partner of Healing Earth projects

In addition to membership we offer select packages for specific projects in the Healing Earth ecosystem:

  • Chez Zen: our offgrid retreat platform on the hillside
  • OctaDome @ Harmonia: our community center for hosting workshops and other community activities 
  • the Shakti Cathedral: our connecting rainbow bridge between Heaven and Earth