What is a an OctaDome?

An OctaDome is a movable, versatile community-innovation center in the shape of an octagon, made from mostly circular materials, such as recuperated wood in aluminum profiles, with upcycled furniture and lighting, and heated by infrared-panels. It complies to the strictest (fire) safety standards.

Why OctaDomes?

OctaDomes were created from vision-driven entrepreneurship to come up with solutions for modern challenges such as waste congestion and depletion of resources, the burn-out phenomenon, traffic jams, climate warming, and cooperation and co-education in general. 

Strengths of an OctaDome

- Modular and scalable, designed for groups from 20 to 200 people.
- They can be built in 1 day and are much cheaper than traditional buildings.
- They require no building permit because they fall under industrial mobile building legislation. (basically they are tentframes with wooden walls)
- Depending on their use OctaDomes can provide recurrent income and other advantages for a community.
- Enable Circles of up to 50 people in their basic version thanks to their specific shape
- They are not traditional homes, but flexible constructions for various collective services.

Different set-ups of OctaDomes

- Community Resource Center: is usually built inside or nearby a recycling facility, and supports the circular economy with teambuilding, workshops and other educational projects, including repair cafés, workshops composting, up cycling of garbage to useful furniture and artistic artefacts.
Using an adjacent community garden trees and compost can be distributed.

Preventive healthcare center: can be built in both cities and eco-innovative farming areas. Apart from small scale farming all kinds of workshops about preventive healthcare can be organised, and there's the possibility for growing herbs, bodywork, beekeeping... These OctaDomes want to provide a solution for the large percentage of workers who battle burn-out by helping them to re-connect with nature, their fellow human beings and with themselves. 
* In cooperation with Centre Harmonia and the Body & Soul Holistic Health Festival. 

- Multicultural Peacehouse: the best place for integration workshops, multicultural activities and inter religious dialogue, including restaurant (preventing food waste) to work on integration of migrants and asylumseekers in a relaxed way.
This TEALcenter can also house a circular clothing store, a toy library, space for emancipating women's circles etc.
* in cooperation with Made with Love Projects vzw.

- Satellite-office/ New Media Center / Fab Lab: a safe high-tech place to collaborate and work on the development and sharing of dematerialized technology applications, from software developement with (3D-)printers and broadband Internet, to video-recording capabilities, and a Library of Things, a hub voor sharing and charging e-cars and e-bikes,...
* in cooperation with DNA-Earth

​- commons functionality: solar kitchen, juice bar, compost-toilets, various social space,...)