Over the past several years, yoga has experienced an upsurge in popularity in the western world among medical professionals and celebrities alike. While many associate yoga with new age mysticism or the latest fad at the gym, yoga is actually an ancient practice that connects the mind, body, and spirit through body poses, controlled breathing, and meditation. The practice of yoga has many health benefits associated with it.

Welcome to Healing Yoga

In yoga the body with its different layers is seen as a temple, and it is our goal to keep it healthy and vibrant.

Be in the sacred space of your center, and let your life unfold with beauty in all its forms.

You enter that space through practice of asana, pranayama, sacred sound and meditation.
Asana, or body postures, together with pranayama, or energetic breathing, enable you to steer the life force energy, or prana, through the chakras.

The chakras are spinning wheels of subtle energy, of which the main chakras are located along the spine, your central axis. There three main channels connect these energies, and when they are open and the prana can freely run through them, the whole being is penetrated with this life force, bringing lightness and vitality.

The three channels are called ida, pingula and the central channel: Sushumna.
You will practice to clear them so the prana can easily flow through them.

The sushumna is the most direct connection between the polarities.
It is the channel for aligning different parts of your being:
- Your emotions and will
- Your head and your heart
- Your mind and your body
- Your values and your actions

The chakras represent a natural order in which we work with prana:
We enter, align, activate, soften, attune, illuminate, awaken and integrate the life-force energy, embracing the soul, or source of consciousness, which brings you the satisfaction of fulfilment.

Whatever your soul mission is, chakra yoga will help you to steer the life force energy in a way that not only keeps your body healthy and vibrant, but that also helps you manifest your dreams, as you clear the blockages and find the freedom to live the life you desire.
Enjoy your inner journey along the rainbow bridge of the seven chakras!

Fabienne Huygen