Welcome to Chez Zen for a re-synchronising retreat in nature

A 10 minutes walk uphill from the center of Rennes-les-Bains, with a spectacular view on the Pech Cardou, this is where you find Chez Zen.
Chez Zen is a simply beautiful place in nature where groups typically go for a week or longer retreat, staying in tents, and making use of the community's infrastructure, comprising several platforms around the central pyramid space.
Enjoy the sunrise with breakfast on the balcony, followed by enriching activities organised by your hosts.
Chez Zen offers a fairy garden, a juice bar platform, a yoga platform and a sun platform.
Find refreshments  at the juice bar, and be sure not to miss the sunset, from the tree platform.


Silence and tranquility

Because there are no immediate neighbours at Chez Zen, you only hear the sounds of nature, which is a great relief when you come from a busy city.

Silence is the ultimate luxury

It is said that sleeping for 7 nights in our comfortable 3-persons tent is enough to re-synchronize all your body functions with the natural cycles.

A menu of experiences

Some groups come to meditate in silence.
Others practice yoga, pranayama (breathing techniques), or other workshops and circles, aimed at self development and community building.
Yet other groups come to Chez Zen for creating art in nature, painting on stones and on wood, designing playfully with nature.
Last but not least we also host groups that have ecological interests, including permaculture, renewable energy and offgrid living in general.
Contact us for your special wishes: mwl@telenet.be